Writing Life

I remember the click click sound as my dad’s secretary typed my first novel, Wakiconza, The Brave.  I was about eleven.  Sadly, the book was lost in a move. Over the years I honed the craft and I have many people to thank for that.  My stories are character driven.  That’s probably because I’ve worked with people when their masks are down.  A minister in the United Church of Canada, I’ve spent most of my life in hospitals listening to the tales that are told in Intensive Care Units Emergency rooms and Palliative Care Units.

In 2010 I graduated from the SFU Writer’s Studio and returned in 2012 as an adjunct writer.

Cullene With Book

Photo: Ron Joyce

Awards and Prizes

  • 1994  WGA Book Awards,
    Llamas In The Snow – Short list
  • 2002  Lawrence House Centre For The Arts, Sarnia, ON,
    Diva – Honourable Mention
  • 2006  National competition sponsored by The Word Guild,
    In The Dry Woods (short story) – 1st place

Recent Appearances

The Writer’s Studio at Rhizome Café and other venues
Vancouver International Writer’s Festival (launch of emerge)
It’s About Bloody Time, English Graduate Conference SFU