In the Dry Woods

Bryant’s sensitive gentle writing is image filled but her stories expect more from us than enjoyment alone. We are to take responsibility for the sorrow we inflict, to recognize justice denied when we see it; and we are to challenge those who target and pull down the vulnerable.
– Muriel Duncan in the Observer

Pithy, punchy and pensive, these stories took courage to write. Often in seeking out resolutions and understanding in our own lives, we come up against a mirror that only shows us who we are becoming; not who we are, as if life is a process and can never be an end product. Bryant nudges us closer to that mirror.

– Cherie Thiessen, January Magazine  (read full review)

Llamas in the Snow

Each short story outlines a hauntingly truthful story. While our encounter with the character is brief, our entering into their pain is profound. As I read this book, I felt compelled to come back and read more. The short stories invited me into the depth of the character’s life.
– The Journal of Pastoral Care: Peggy L.T. Garrison

Cullene Bryant has transformed her experiences as a minister, hospital chaplain and single parent into evocative, gentle stories about the verities of human existence. Whether Bryant’s stories are taking place in a New Orleans Strip Club, in a psychiatrist’s office or on a chicken farm, her images are vivid and humane.
– Volume One Bookstore, Duncan B.C.

Bryant’s characters are searchers, carrying for the most part, modest hopes. Many are women, brave and vulnerable, still open to life. They make us face their moral and ethical questions and see how hard it is to be sure. A United Church minister, for many years a hospital chaplain, Bryant gives her religious professionals no false pedestals. They are as human, as helpless, as the rest of us and at their best when they accept blessings from those they intended to comfort.
-The United Church Observer: Muriel Duncan